Textil Eco - 2019

The Main Ideas

Before the project starts, it´s nessesary to bring on the main ideas of improvement of the product or come with a good story behind it.

Eco Element

Modular system of fully recycled cubes made of unused cardboard, the idea of recycling completly fits to Textil Eco phylosophy.

Central Element

 Backlit construction from ground to ceiling, designed for cash register and unloading goods from the e-shop. It is a representative element located in the center of the store, visible from all corners.

Transportable Units

The concept of the store placed in a container, enabling cost reduction, the possibility of moving the store and the connection with the company’s philosophy.

Get In Touch

Address: Str: Konopná 337
664 61 Rajhradice, Czech Republic

Phone: +420 733 195 151