Multifunctional Laptop, Eco-Friendly Case

Three in One

The main Idea os this project was creating of new multyfunctional tool for designers, using recycled materials and focusing on added value. The result of the project was the creation of a cover for a laptop, which serves as protection during transport, as a pad under the laptop and mouse during the work and is equipped with a built-in speaker. All this in compliance with the entry conditions, namely recyclable materials.


The main idea was to create a multifunctional security element for laptops, which will be able to used also outside the transport itself, this was achieved, with the help of selected materials and thanks to the modularity of the product.

cooling pad

The upper part of the case is made of Sytrewood and Alulife materials. It serves as a pad under the notebook, which has very good thermal properties thanks to the use of aluminum.

mouse pad

The lower part of the case was made of hardened LPC material, which is made of leather or imitation leather. This part can be separated and used as a mouse pad, thanks to the chosen materials, it feels luxurious and comfortable.


Leather composite polymer, recycled material consists of leather scraps or materials on leather base processed together with VINNEX material.


Polyal is formed by mixing two materials, namely polymer and aluminum. These are compressed and heated. material is durable and waterproof.


Plastic material, this material is recycled and 100% recyclable again. It is artificial „Wood“ created from urban waste.


Material created by recycling aluminum residues, its strength and resistance is based on properties of raw materials.

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